Mac wireless network speed test

On the client, select the server from the list and press start to measure.


Mac only: Though, this will be inaccurate, escpecially for fast wired connections. See also below in the FAQ section. The graph displays the performance results for the past 5 minutes. Mac only When measuring against the default router, only very little data can be transferred to measure the network throughput. For fast network connections e.

Speedtest® for Mac

Whenever possible, use two machines to do an exact measurement! You can experiment with the placement of your device and router to improve the data rate. Sometimes all it takes is moving your router 10cm or rotating it 90 degrees. What network port is used for the measuring? Just start the test again.

When WiFi speed test apps measure upload speed, they establish multiple connections to various remote locations and send precisely calculated chunks of data. The apps then determine how much time it took before all data were received and use this information to provide you with your real upload speed. What Is Download Speed?

How to See Your Current Wi-Fi Connection Speed in Mac OS X

As you can probably guess, download speed measures how fast you can download data from others. WiFi speed test apps measure it by downloading chunks of data from remote locations and calculating exactly how long it takes for each chunk to download. Signal strength has the most significant influence on the speed of your WiFi.

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The farther away from a WiFi router you are, the weaker the signal is. Sometimes, your signal may be extremely weak even when standing relatively close to your router.

The beauty of NetSpot lies in its ability to align the needs of professional users with the needs of complete beginners. Anyone can download the free edition of NetSpot and use it to instantly check WiFi performance without reading complicated, boring manuals or watching online tutorial videos.

Mac iPerf3 (Network Speed Test Software) Install and Demonstration

The modern user interface makes all features self-explanatory and available at a glance. NetSpot has earned the number one spot on this list thanks to its reliability, ease of use, extensive features, and excellent support. Full coverage Get the most efficient and full-bodied WiFi coverage throughout the planned space. Open NetSpot, start a new site survey and once in the Active Scanning screen - choose the wireless network you are going to test. Important to remember: It can either be an open network or a network you know the password for. Pros and Cons. Summary recommendation, download for free.

We think Wifiner will be great for those who set up their first Wi-Fi network at home or at a smaller office space - as simple as it is Wifiner provides a detailed report on the process. The app runs on MacBook macOS No discover mode chart with Wi-Fi networks around like in NetSpot. Network Speed Test. Not Enough Ratings.

Determining WiFi speed on your Mac

Network Speed Test for Windows. LAN Speed Test.

Best WiFi Speed Test Apps for Mac

Local speed tests are useful for optimizing local data transfer speeds, for example from a smartphone to a remote hard drive connected to a home router. Are Internet Speed Tests Accurate? Location matters: The WiFi signal has only a limited ability to penetrate obstacles, and it loses strength with each obstacle it penetrates. Online activity: If you want accurate results, you should never test Internet speed while doing other things online, including playing games, browsing the web, or chatting with friends and family. Time of the day: During these hours, people from all over the country are frantically checking social networks, downloading files, watching online content, or are just casually browsing the web.

Internet gear: We recommend you to look for a router that supports the latest WiFi standard and can broadcast on the 5 GHz band.

How to Test WiFi Speed on Mac?

Speedtest by Ookla Speedtest by Ookla is arguably the best-known online WiFi speed test, featuring an appealing user interface that shows your current IP address alongside your latency, download speed, and upload speed. We recommend NetSpot as a comprehensive and easy-to-use WiFi speed test solution with advanced WiFi analysis features that you can use to significantly improve the performance of your WiFi network.

Because of how much we depend on a stable, strong WiFi connection, it makes sense to have a reliable, accurate wireless troubleshooting solution such as NetSpot WiFi checker at hand all the time. Free download Learn more about NetSpot. Have more questions? Read next in All about Wi-Fi If you want to dive deeper into this Wi-Fi thing, check out the following articles about Wi-Fi security, the best apps for wireless networking, inflight WiFi, etc. Learn more.