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How To Install Graphics this includes kits, faces, logos and trophies. How To Install Skins. How To Install Other Stuff.

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How To Add Graphics you have created. The Unarchiver. If you are using Linux hopefully you know how to download and locate programs for Linux already. To install The Unarchiver simply double click on the. Once installed, create a new folder somewhere you can keep track of on your desktop for instance and place your downloaded graphics zip, rar or 7z in it. Now we extract:. Right click on your zip, rar or 7z. Choose 7-Zip from the menu, then select 'Extract Here'.


MacOS X: Choose 'open with' then select 'The Unarchiver'. Windows C: Nearly all user created graphics can be transferred from one version of Football Manager to the next, the exceptions are:. There are two ways of transferring your graphics between versions of Football Manager;. Manually move your graphics folder or the folders that contain the stuff you want transferring over from the User Data Location of the current Football Manager, to the same location within the User Data Location of the new Football Manager.

When transferring content over make sure it keeps the same folder structure unless instructed otherwise. If you are planning on creating your own graphics, then you can first refer to these guides on how to create various graphics in the same style as the default graphics:.

How To Create Player Faces. Once you have created the above graphics you will need to create an xml file called config and place it in the same folder as your graphics, for instructions on how to create a config file then please read this guide: Skinning Hideout Search In. How to Install Skins and Graphics Support. Recommended Posts.

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Posted October 24, How To Install Graphics This part of the guide will cover how to install 3D kits, 2D kits, face-packs, logos, trophies, backgrounds and stadium pictures and whilst each of these packs are slightly different the instructions to install them are exactly the same.

After you have downloaded a file it will generally come in one of three formats: Zip files should be automatically supported by your OS and may show up as compressed folders, Rar and 7z files may require you to download some software to extract the files, the below software is recommended:. Your file should extract and most probably create a folder in the same directory.

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If you extracted an fmf file or just straight downloaded one this isn't a problem, these are just files that have been packed using the FM Resource Tool, and as an end user there is no need for you to mess around extracting these files, just think of these as the same as the folder you'd get from extracting the files. Locating Your User Data Location Once you have downloaded and extracted your files, you now need to move them over to your User Data Location so they can be read by the game.

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First make sure you have run the game at least once just getting to the start menu and exiting is fine so the game can create the required folders for you. Once you have located the Sports Interactive folder you should see that it contains folders for every version of Football Manager you have run on that computer, so open the folder that corresponds to the version of FM you are using. Since FM17 the Touch Version has it's own folders so if using that version you'll want the Touch folder, for older versions of Touch it just used the same folder as the main game.

After you have opened the correct Football Manager folder you should see a list of folders and what you need to do is locate the folder called graphics , if this folder doesn't exist then just create a new folder and call it graphics. Now open up your graphics folder and place the files you extracted inside it.

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For the most part the sub-folders you put the graphics into doesn't matter, though it is best to separate the different types into their own sub-folders so you don't accidentally overwrite your kits with logos for the same teams. The thing to watch out for when organizing are xml files called config. These are vital and should not be mixed and matched. Creative Jazz Club: Brendon Green: Pre-show talk: Like A Girl: Leadership Skills: Term 1: List Your Event. John Butler Trio, L. Click here to add your Event now! Powered by: How to spot the facialis fruit fly and what to do if you see one February's supermoon will look best as it rises from the east, astrophotographer says Alleged British roofing scammers wanted by Auckland police thought to be in Wellington Occupant located after building fire in Auckland's Kingsland.

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