Mac snow leopard parental controls not working

As of few weeks ago several applications like Firefox stopped working on his account.

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Whenever he start it mac osx asks for permissions. I always select "Allow always" and nothing - application does not start and it asks for permissions again and again and again. Eventually I give up.

How to Set Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s Parental Controls

I then find that Firefox is not in the list of allowed applications even though it was there before. I add it again and tried the same from his account - no luck. Jul 12 This may be a valid app of a different version than what was whitelisted on a different volume?

How to get started with Parental Controls

Permission denied. Exited with exit code: Posted on Jul 12, 1: Page content loaded. Jul 12, 2: If that does not work, research or post in Firefox's forums. Other parental account Mac users may be having the same issues. Click on Logs and you'll have four options to choose from: You can then view logs from the last day, week, month or since the day you first switched on Parental Controls.

It's not all perfect, unfortunately.

Creating a list of approved sites can take an eternity, and an old, unfixed bug means Parental Controls' attempts to block adult sites also block some secure HTTP connections. That can prevent perfectly legitimate websites from working: If there are sites you really want the kids to access you can override the block by adding their IP addresses to the Always Allow These Websites list.

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Remember too that if you enable Parental Controls on your own account, you can end up limiting your own Internet connection, blocking your applications and generally annoying yourself. Under Sharing and Permissions you can now change what people can and can't do with the drive, and you can do it per user: You can do the same with files and folders.

No matter how careful you are, accidents can and probably will happen - which is why we'd strongly recommend you get hold of an external hard disk and use it with OS X's superb Time Machine, which has saved our necks on countless occasions. If a file or folder gets damaged or deleted Time Machine enables you to travel back in time, find an intact copy and bring it back to the present day.

These settings control the Dictionary and Safari applications.

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  4. If you prefer that profane terms be hidden within the Dictionary for this user, click the Hide Profanity in Dictionary check box to enable it. Snow Leopard also offers three levels of control for Web sites:.

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    Allow Unrestricted Access: Select this radio button to allow unfettered access for this user. Try to Limit Access: You can allow Safari to automatically block Web sites it deems adult.

    To specify particular sites to allow or deny, click the Customize button.