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First choose a Time range to clear using the drop-down. To clear all of your browsing history, pick Everything. That should have opened up the details to let you select which data to clear.

Block Users from Deleting Browsing History in Firefox/Chrome/Edge/IE

If not, press Details to show the options. Otherwise, it's up to you.

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If you do not want to clear any other types of information, remove all other checkmarks found in the list of data components i. To delete your search history, press Clear Now. Under Browsing history click Delete. Next to Temporary internet files , click Delete files say yes if you're prompted to confirm.

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Click Close and then OK to exit. Microsoft Edge is the browser built into Windows To clear your browsing history from Edge, click the Hub icon three horizontal lines then the History icon the small clock. A new window will open, offering you elements you'd like to remove including the cache and browsing history and a time range to apply this to.

  • Click the Firefox menu button;
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  • Clearing Safari Cookies.

If you're using Safari on an Apple Mac, make sure that you've clicked on the Safari browser to make it the active window. Then, on the menu along the very top of the screen, select History and scroll down to Clear History. This will let you choose whether to clear just your history, or the cache as well, plus a date range to apply the action to.

Click the Firefox menu button

Which Computing Helpdesk Internet and networking Web Browsing Every time you access a web page through your web browser, the browser stores or 'caches' it. This is easy to do.

Clearing Private Data and More in Mozilla Firefox

Every browser has a way to delete cookies. You'll find instructions for many of the more popular browsers below.

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  8. In addition to deleting cookies, you can also delete your cache, browser history, stored password, and other browser storage. None of this will protect your privacy online, but it may help you keep secrets from other people who have access to your browser.

    How to clear Firefox history manually

    If you can't find instructions here your browser isn't listed you can usually search for help on browser's help tool. Most browsers keep their cookie settings in one of a few places:. You can also use Incognito Mode to automatically delete cookies and other session data when you close your browser window. You can also use a Private Window to automatically delete cookies and other session data when you close your browser window.

    How to Clear Browser History on a Mac

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    If you're using incognito browsing or disabling cookies, you're ahead of the crowd. Most people