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Server 1. Categories : MacOS. We all learn as we go. When I gave up on Migration Assistant, I just dragged my files from one Mac to the other and it was really fast, still with Ethernet through the switch.

How to Connect Your PC & Mac Together Over an Ethernet Connection

Running SuperDuper! So that time Migration Assistant was the hero. Found this while googling to find out why Migration Assistant is so slow migrating 1. Oh well. One time deal. Maybe I should have tried Target Disk Mode. I suspect directories with small files slow it down, like my git clones etc… but still — this is crap. Thanks for your post.

It ran all night and nothing was transferred.

Trying again with a Time Capsule hooked directly to the new iMac connected via Ethernet. I also did as you, did NOT enter my wifi password so neither device is on any outside network. If anyone out there has any tips, please let me know! Data to transfer is about GB. This is insanity!

Transfer Files Between Mac & Windows Using Ethernet Cable At 100 MB Per Second

I suspect you are right, that it is using wifi, can you turn that off on the new machine so it cannot connect to wifi at all? Anonymous — I can update your comment for you to add that info … if you tell me which comment is yours! And thanks for helping others here. Be very very quiet, head down and wait it out. It WILL finish.

Mojave Migration Assistant: Moving Data from Windows PC to Mac

Maybe go for a walk? So, so bizarre! Happy dance Jenn! Glad you told us your story of success. Allison — Just reading this post as I am about to start a migration between a iMac and a new iMac. My old machine has had programs and files rolled from one mac to the next, literally from the first Macitosh I bought in college or the one that followed it. I am trying to break my pack rat ways, and dont want to move any old software over so I get a clean start.

If I can use the migration assistant, how do I avoid getting a full migration and all the issues old glitches from my old mac that come with it as RPF descibes above? After you nuke your machine using the recovery partition, you can safely run Migration Assistant to choose only migrate data. Good luck and report back.

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Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I put a gigabit cable between the two machines skipping the switch just in case it and the router were somehow a bottleneck and launched Migration Assistant on both of Macs and hit go. The entire transfer which turned out to be GB, not , only took two and a half hours! Bill Quinlan - November 26, Allison Sheridan - November 26, It was about how to migrate.

Using FireWire or ThunderBolt

Michael Ehrman - November 27, Mic - February 28, Hey, thanks for this awesome post. Many thanks Mic. Looking forward to following your posts. Craig - August 8, RPF - August 8, Thanks in advance to anyone who responds! Allison Sheridan - August 9, Rosanne Charland - August 9, Anonymous - April 24, Ummmm… regarding the WiFi.

Or try Target Disk Mode, as I mentioned.

How Not to do Migration Assistant

I used the migration assistant to try and install my backup files from a hard disk that was manually created not using Time Machine from my Macbook to a new High Sierra Macbook. Migration Assistant never stopped, even after letting it run overnight. Then, after disconnecting, it appeared the hard disk was completely empty.

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